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Established in 1994, Dabu zhanglian Ceramics Developing Co., Ltd. is located in Guangde Town, Dabu County, guangdong province in which has more than 800-year history in ceramic products making in meizhou City. We have mordem ceramic processing equipments and our workshop area is more than 15000 square metres and we also have many skillfull operators and several qualified engineers as managers. The company has "Zhang Lian", Japan, the European Union and other foreign trademarks.We have been awarded the hinourable title of the private science and Technology enterprise in Guangdong Province, and we had got the quality management system certificate with the standard ISO9001: 2000. We also enjoy the right of import & export business, our main procelain and decorative porcelain and ceramic gift items with hand-painting underglazed bule & white, colorful painting, white body, colored glazes, overglazed decor, etc. With well designs and good quality, our products have good sales in Europe, U. S. A., Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Africa, etc. International Exhibition products: CHINA BRAND SHOW 2014(Istanbul Turkey),CHINA BRAND SHOW 2015(British Bermingham),China Commodi...



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